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Thanks for your interest in working with the C.R.E.W.!

The C.R.E.W. works in fire prevention, brush clearance, trail work, and habitat restoration on private and public lands.  Founded in 1991, the C.R.E.W provides leadership and job training through paid employment for staff ages 16-25, under the guidance of experienced team supervisors.  If you like hands-on work in the outdoors, the C.R.E.W. is the place for you.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Build and repair trails, public and private firebreaks, and restore native habitats.

  • Safe and efficient use of power tools (weed whips, hedgers, chainsaws) and hand tools (Pulaskis, McLeods, loppers and hand saws).  

  • Work outdoors in a variety of settings, and in all seasons.  

  • All staff must adhere to C.R.E.W. protocols regarding job site and fire safety, as well as appropriate behavior.  

$15.50 - $18/hour

$19 - $23/hour

  • Do I need experience?
    Crew members don’t need any previous experience, just the ability to come to work on time and an enthusiasm for working hard and learning new skills. Supervisors and lead crew members need prior experience, which is described in detail in their job descriptions.
  • Do I need to live in Ojai to work at The C.R.E.W. ?
    No! C.R.E.W. members come from every surrounding town, including Santa Paula, Oak View, Ventura, Oxnard, and Fillmore.
  • Kinda hot out there in the summer, isn’t it??
    The C.R.E.W. works outdoors year-round, and year-round it’s hard, sweaty work. To keep our teams safe, The C.R.E.W. adheres to strict standards and best practices around heat illness, and will cancel or end work early if conditions become dangerous. In addition, every single employee that we hire receives specific training in recognizing and preventing heat-related health hazards in themselves and their teammates, so that they are prepared to prevent heat illness before it happens.
  • What’s the work schedule like?
    Part of our strategy for beating the heat is to start the day early. Teams meet at the office at 6:30am on most days, with Supervisors arriving beforehand to prepare the team vehicles with the tools and supplies needed for the day. Team members work 2-5 days per week, with flexible scheduling to accommodate class schedules and other individual needs.
  • Do I need to have a high school diploma?
    No. As a member of The C.R.E.W., learning new skills is part of the job.
  • Is there room for growth at The C.R.E.W. ?
    Absolutely. C.R.E.W. Members who learn the skills and are ready for more responsibility can become C.R.E.W. leaders, specialists in certain skill areas, and become supervisors to lead their own teams.
  • What are the pay and benefits?
    Crew Member: $15.50 - $18/hour Crew Supervisor: $18 - $30/hour


Crew members doing restoration work
Crew members doing restoration work
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